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  The Department of Biology

Objectives of the Department :

- Planning, organization and implementation of academical, methodical, educational work, current and final control study of students according to the plans and programs;

- Preparation of highly qualified teachers, improving their skills in postgraduate specialty 03.00.19 - Parasitology;

- Planning and conducting the researches on fundamental and priority for practical public health areas, the introduction of the results of research work.

The department provides the teaching of discipline "Medical biology and genetics" for students in the following specialties: "Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Preventive Medicine ", "Dentistry", "Pharmacy".

The Department of Biology teaches the discipline "Biology" for students of the preparatory department of domestic and international students.

Since 2005 the scientific research work is under way on "Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of the genomes and the amino acid sequences of homologous proteins of monogostal (Ascaris lumbricoides and Ascaris suum) and poligostal (Trichinella spiralis) parasites and their potential hosts (Homo sapiens and Sus scrofa domesticus)", calculated on 1.01.05 - 31.12.09.

In 2010, for the period till 2014, the new topic of research was planned: "Coevolution of genomes and proteins, which they encode, of components of the systems "parasite-host" with helminthosis". The topic was successfully done by 2015.

Educational and methodical work at the Department of Biology BSMU is one of its priorities. Methodological support of the educational process, development and renovation of educational and methodical complex, quality control of knowledge - these are the main directions of the department. No virtual opportunities can not compete with live communication with the lecturer and teacher. Improving preparedness for employment, accessibility of information, good knowledge and high marks in the exam - these are the main objectives pursued by the department.

History of the Department of Biology has roots with the opening of the Belarusian State University - October 30, 1921 - and Medical School starts to work with it, where classes began on October 31. This date - October 31, 1921 - the day of the first creation a higher medical institution - the Belarusian State Medical Institute.

Formation of the medical faculty was mostly completed by 1925. It consisted of nine theoretical and nine clinical departments. Deanery headed the work of the department. Substantive committee worked with it- medical, surgical and medical-biological. From 1921 to 1930 plan for the admission of students to medical faculty was 109 people per year, to 1930 it increased to 937 people.

Organization of the Department of Biology held in conjunction with the organization of the Department of Histology. The Department of Histology and Biology, Medical Faculty, BSU has existed since 1923. In 1932 it became the department of the Belarusian (Minsk) Medical Institute, and in 2001 - of the Belarusian State Medical University. The Department of Biology exists independently since 1937. Each year, about 1000 students and about 250 students of the preparatory department study here.

Currently, 24 highly qualified specialists form the staffl of the Department of Biology.

Among the teachers of the department - 1 Doctor of Biological Sciences, 4 candidates of Medical Sciences and 8 candidates of Biological Sciences.

Of the teachers working at the department, 7 have the highest medical education (MSMI, KMI, BSMU), 18 - the highest biological (11 - BSU 3 - BSPU).

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